I received my degree in Industrial Design from the acclaimed program at the University of Cincinnati, completing six internships, and began my career in the Bay Area at Whipsaw which Fast Company ranked as one of the top 5 design firms in the world. While there, I was a design lead and managed projects for companies and startups including Google X, Chromecast, GE, Cisco, Dropcam (Nest), Merck, and many more. I then relocated to Chicago to become Design Director at MNML, an entrepreneurial product and brand innovation studio. At MNML, I have worked with a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs in a variety of categories, bringing new products to market through both manufacturing and licensing paths. Over my career so far I've had the honor of being recognized with over two dozen international design awards and hold over a dozen design and utility patents. Independently, I am also a co-founder and partner in  a variety of hardware and digital startups, including Stix Golf, Bird Buddy, SUPLMNT, and more. 

Ultimately, I love solving problems and helping people. Industrial Design has allowed me the opportunity to work with extremely talented individuals and teams for some of the largest corporations in the world, some of the most innovative startups and entrepreneurs, and on my own creative endeavors to do just that. These experiences have helped shaped my understanding of design and it's opportunistic role in business, society, and people's everyday lives. ​I believe the best ideas come from extreme curiosity, conversation among a diverse crowd, information and sometimes even ignorance, and ultimately from a passion to solve a problem. I strive to never stop learning my craft, but also to challenge myself with unique projects and new experiences that can help make a positive impact in our world.

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