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Merck Millipore_Muse

Muse” is an automated cell analyzer, used in labs to help diagnose disease and to do cellular research. Muse identifies cell types, provides count and density, and distinguishes cell life state. Using breakthrough patented technology, Muse is one tenth the size of its competitors and only a fraction of the cost. We were charged with creating an exciting and fresh design for an otherwise dreary lab work environment. We also needed to minimize the footprint, allowing it to be sandwiched into tight bench spaces and streamline the workflow process to maximize the amount of samples could be run in a given day. 

My Involvement:  Design Lead. Phases 0,1,2, & 3

My Contributions:  Management, Research, Sketches, CAD, Renders, Presentations, CMF, UI Support, DFM Support

Design Team:  Whipsaw

Launched:  2012

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