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Eton_Branding and Exhibition Booth

For a long time consumers understood Eton Corporation strictly as a radio company. Whipsaw's extremely successful design for the FR series in 2008 leveraged the company in the market and enticed distributors who were hungry for the company to expand their offerings. The differentiating factor for Eton was the fact that all of their products integrated alternate ways of charging using natural means e.i. solar and/or crank. Working with Whipsaw, Eton began a shift toward mobile and entertainment products, which meant the company needed to adapt their image more towards a lifestyle brand that could build on their earlier success and gain momentum in a new market space. We brainstormed the slogan 'Empowered by Nature' and were an integral part of the product strategy and expansion, involved in strategy and offering brainstorms, naming brainstorms, and the ultimate re-branding of the company 2011.


The re-branded Eton launched at 2011 CES with new lines of products, a new logo, slogan, and corporate image. The booth was designed to celebrate the re-brand and new slogan “Empowered by nature”. The challenge was to create context and understanding for all the different types of products while uniting them under one theme and image. We designed the dominant perimeter structure to join themed areas (roadside, emergency, outdoor, and solar) together while also defining the inner space. The 40x80ft space is a modular design that accommodates a variety of exhibits and layouts.

My Involvement:  Design Lead. Phases 0,1, 2 & 3

My Contributions:  Research, Brainstorming, Sketches, CAD, Renders, CMF, DFM Support

Design Team:  Whipsaw (Manufactured by Group Delphi)

Launched: 2011


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