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Google[X]  Self Driving Car- Lexus RX450H  (2011-2012)  

Design Lead

HMI and Design Integration

Automotive Interior Design- Sketch+Render   

3D Scan and CAD Resurfacing

Color, Material, Finish

Design Support for Prototypes

Silk Road Medical  Vascular Surgery Device  (2012)

Design Lead

International Research Trip

Medical Conventions and Doctor Interviews

System and Component Configuration

Breadboard Prototypes and Handmade Models

CAD + Render

Color, Material, Finish

Manufacturing and DFM Support

Calorex  Mexico- Water Heater Design  (2011-2012)

Design Lead

International Research Trips

Sketch + Render

CAD + Render

Color, Material, Finish

Graphics, UI and Controls

Prototype Management

Manufacturing  and DFM Support

Willow Garage  Home Robotics Research and Prototype Design  (2011-2012)


In-Home and 1-1 Interviews

Online Surveys

Envisioning / Concepting- Sketch + Storyboardng

Intense CAD and Component Interaction

High End Renders

Sunpower  Residential Solar Research and Design  (2010-2011)


Field Research and Installation Participation

Mechanisms and Tangential Products Research

Systems and Product Sketches

CAD Concepts and Systems

Scale Models and Prototypes


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