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After returning from four months abroad, I retrieved my car from storage and felt a strong sense that I had neglected it and should do something to care for it. I ventured into an AutoZone looking for additives and was dumbfounded at the wall of bottles that all looked alike, had confusing messaging and complicated instructions that typically only used half the bottle. This screamed out as an opportunity to reinvent the category with a design, package and marketing strategy that could help consumers find what they want and simplify their experience. AutoVitamins is an elegant solution aimed at a broad consumer base that would allow a brand to bundle its existing products and repackage them with minimal effort to gain in-roads into new demographics and retail placement. 

My Involvement:  Lead Designer / Strategist

My Contributions:  Original Concept, Design and Visual Assets, Brand Strategy

Team:  buzzardcreative

Completed:  2010

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